NAACP Vancouver Political Affairs Committee 

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure Black voter empowerment by increasing awareness and participation in the electoral process. We want every Black citizen to vote in each and every election!


Voting is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society” - John Lewis (1940-2020) Civil Rights leader and Georgia Congressman

Government in Action Program

 Introducing emerging adults to local efforts and political careers in the government sector.

Government-in-Action is a program sponsored by the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) of the Vancouver, WA chapter 1139 of the NAACP. Its purpose is to introduce emerging adults to local efforts and political careers in the government sector. Working within the preferences and time available to these busy public servants, students will adhere to one of the Shadow and Report Plans or a mutually agreed and PAC-sanctioned alternative (see Shadow and Report Plans). The students’ teachers may add additional assignment specifications to these plans as appropriate to their particular classes.


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The Vancouver NAACP Political Affairs Committee is a group of volunteers who work to make sure Black voters are engaged and encouraged to vote in every election and who work to ensure that all communities - especially those systematically left behind - are included in all levels of policy and politics in Clark County. We are a local volunteer chapter, focusing on local political issues and actions, with ties to the State and National NAACP. We are proud to partner with local and national civic organizations to address pertinent issues.


The fundamental right of every eligible voter to cast their ballot and every resident to have their voice heard as a member of society are cornerstones of our democracy. How we deploy resources, make real the social norms and standards across every community, shape our daily lives through policy, and move forward the shared values of this country are all based on these foundational principles.


This Committee is non-partisan a 501(c)(4) organization, we do not endorse individual candidates or political parties.

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The Committee meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 5pm-6pm. To attend a meeting or learn more, please email


The Committee welcomes all volunteers who have an interest or experience in our local politics to effect change! There are a number of events, activities and behind-the-scenes opportunities where your unique support is needed and valued. Help us empower Black people by getting out the vote, educating the community, & holding educational candidate forums for important local races!

Upcoming Events & Key Voting Dates
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  • July 15-21 - Primary Ballots mailed out

  • August 2, Primary Day - VOTE! Pick your candidates for the 2022 ballot. Do you know that only about 20 percent (1 in 5 people) choose who will be on our ballot in November? Make sure you Vote in the Primary on Aug 2!

  • September 10, Peace and Justice Fair - Ester Short Park, look for NAACP booth to check your registration, register, and learn more about defending our democracy 

  • November 8th, General Election – VOTE!

More Clark County Elections Resources: