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February is Black History Month

"Hello Everyone,

I'm excited to begin 2022 Black History Month, the national theme this year is "Black Health and Wellness". On the national lens, you will see many conversations occurring around the health disparities and discrimination found in mainstream institutions. We have seen how these disparities wreaked havoc on Black communities all over this country when COVID-19 struck our world.

I am extremely grateful to be a part of our Branch leadership when COVID first struck and to see our past President, Bridgette Fahnbulleh join other community leaders to ensure that our community had the necessary resources when COVID first hit. I had the opportunity to continue this leadership in 2021 when this branch elected me as President, during this time vaccines launched, and the new wave of effort meant ensuring all had access to vaccines. In addition to this families were still struggling due to the impacts of COVID and we were able to distribute $50,000 in grants to Black Students.

This was a crucial part of our Clark County Black history that certainly echoed the way our Branch has always shown up for the community since its inception in 1945.

I ask you during the next month to see how you can be more involved with our branch, or make a contribution so we can continue to do great work in our community!" ~Jasmine Tolbert, President of the NAACP Vancouver

Keep an eye on our social media & our website for opportunities to get involved!


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