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ACT-SO Has Arrived in Clark County!

What is ACT-SO?

The NAACP’s Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) program is designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students.

ACT-SO allows students to compete in STEM, humanities, business, performing, visual and culinary arts for scholarship awards. Almost 300,000 young people have participated in the program since its inception over forty years ago. Famous alumni include John Singleton, Jada Pinkette- Smith and Roy Hargrove. Read an article highlighting two of our ACT-SO Champions in 2022 here.

Information regarding April 8 Competition

Attached below are the guidelines for the category(ies) you selected for the ACT-SO competition. Please READ your category requirements. Any student who missed March 25th meeting see the attached PDF. Example: Shorty Story: Requirements: One notarized copy of the short story written by the contestant should be submitted on or before the specified deadline. Please note that you must have your notarized copy on the 8th for the judges to see. They will ask. We can get your stories notarized here at: Bridgeview Resource Center for free. Please let us know so we can set up appoints with the notary.


If your category states: You have  2.5 minutes; 3 minutes or 5 minutes, etc. please note the judges and Room support will have stop watches to time your performance. Therefore, read your category requirements carefully.

Please do not forget to bring the following paperwork with you on the 8th. Every student who signed up for the competition received PDF forms of the following:


Unit Name: Vancouver-NAACP  Unit# 113-B. If you need additional forms please see attachments or let us know and they will be mailed to you.  STEM students please have your mentors, teachers or adviser complete the STEM Verification form. STEM students please follow the guidelines within your category. A book report will not do. Therefore review your category and follow all guidelines.

Please let us know by April 4th if you need extension cords ,etc. Students in the Performing Arts; Humanities; Business and the Visual Arts let us know by the 4th  (sooner would be better) if you need any supplies for your projects. The College will have 6’ long tables plus chairs for your displays, etc. Performing Arts students please let us know if you need a piano or how you will conduct your music, flash drives?  We would need to contact the College asap.

When you report on the 8th there will be a table for you to sign in to get your name tags and name plates for your table. Volunteers will be there to help you set-up and show you where you will be located within Gaiser Hall. Humanities students will  be in Room 258 A,B second floor.

A reminder to all students: You are not competing against each other. You are competing for the judges. Therefore focus on your category and have fun! Good luck. Please make sure all your contact information is up to date.

Any missing or incorrect information please forward to before 1:00 pm Monday-Thursday.

Following the National Guidelines: Performing Arts Competitions are open to the public. The Science, Humanities and Visual Arts categories are closed to the public.

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What is ACT-SO?

The NAACP Vancouver Branch ACT-SO Scholarship Fund is for local ACT-SO Program participants so they may continue their post-secondary education. Please join our efforts by donating to the Scholarship Fund!​


Students meet twice a month with their mentors. Other ACT-SO programming includes guest speakers, workshops on professional skills, fieldtrips to local opportunities in the ACT-SO focus fields, such as those mentioned above. Other local ACT-SO programming includes college research and college prep, admissions, and financial aid application guidance. Learn more about ACT-SO and the Scholarship Fund here!

ACT-SO Goals:
  • To mobilize the adult community for the promotion of academic and artistic excellence.

  • To recognize creative talent and academic achievement.

  • To provide and assist students with the necessary skills to establish goals and acquire the confidence and

  • training to make a successful contribution to society.

ACT-SO is a community-based program that provides multiple opportunities for involvement. Community members may participate as Chairpersons, mentors, sponsors, organizers, competitors, benefactors, educational partners, etc.

ACT-SO Categories:
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
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