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Get Involved with ACT-SO

Sign Up! 

Sign up for ACT-SO now !  And even better, bring along your eligible friends to join so that you all can begin having fun and enjoying the benefits that your peers around the country are already experiencing through ACT-SO.


What Constitutes an EligibleStudent?

To be eligible for ACT-SO, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be of African American Descent

  • Be enrolled in grades 9-12

  • Be a citizen of the United States​

Email Bridgette Fahnbulleh, chair, at



The success of ACT-SO depends upon student participants! Vancouver NAACP is seeking eligible high school students in Clark County, Washington who have talent or a passion to develop their skills and talent in one of the more than 32 areas of ACT-SO competition. 



Volunteers are needed to recruit students, parents and mentors. Volunteers are also needed to staff events, host and sponsor recruitment and enrichment activities for participants.


August through April, mentors are needed from all types of professional backgrounds to work with, encourage, enlighten and guide competitors to manifest a project and see it through until the local ACT-SO competition in April, and possible National competition in July. 



ACT-SO is always looking for financial support from sponsors. 



Judges are needed for the local ACT-SO competition held in April. 


Oct. - Feb.

Local programs kick-off annual ACT-SO activities through mentoring and scholastic

enrichment activities.


Local ACT-SO competitions. Open call, information session, youth talent showcase and semi finals.Once local competitions are held, the gold medalists (those with scores between 95-100 in their category)are invited to compete at The National ACT-SO Competition.

April - Sept.

Students continue their local mentorship and enrichment programs to prepare for the

National Competition. Annual activities culminate with the National Competition and Ceremonies and

scholarships are awarded 

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