NAACP Statement about the shooting of Jenoah Donald

CORRECTED SATURDAY FEBRUARY 6TH 1:45 PM: We received this clarification from the family - The family was told Friday morning, there was nothing further doctors could do and they are preparing for his funeral. Jenoah remains on life support.

Dear NAACP supporters and community members,

It is with great sadness to share that Jenoah Donald was shot Thursday evening by the Clark County Sheriff's department. The family was told Friday morning, there was nothing further doctors could do and they are preparing for his funeral.

The family stated that they have no more information than what has been reported in this OPB article. (

The family has asked for no demonstrations at this time; they are in shock and are trying to grieve.

This is Black History month and too often this is our American story. The Vancouver NAACP Branch realizes that right now is a critical juncture in our Republic's history. Since May 25th 2020, there have been many demonstrations and direct actions taken by many in hopes of supporting and centering on our Black citizen's needs and safety in the area. To the activists who demonstrated on our behalf; we see you. We honor you. Particularly the young Black and LGBTQIA+ leaders on the ground.

To our white allies: We are grateful for these brave Americans leveraging power and privilege for the continued cause of Black freedom and equity. However, the theme of Black History month this year is the Black Family. We ask you to listen to the needs and wants of the family of this Black man.

Any public demonstrations done at this time would be in direct violation of this family’s wishes. The best and only way to support at this time is to pray and you can contribute to the family’s Gofund me (

If you wish to be a part of helping us hold Clark County accountable you can also submit comments to Clark County Sheriff Office and VPD demanding transparency and urgency in the investigation and release of information. Beyond these local entities, you can also reach out to your state representatives.

The Vancouver NAACP Branch is honoring the family's wishes at this time and will keep our members and community informed of any future plans related to this shooting.

NAACP Vancouver Branch 1139

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